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Aw yeah, here it comes.

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Name:Final Fantasy XV. Aw yeah, here it comes.
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Community description:Final Fantasy XV
Welcome to the FFXV community! We're here for squee, contemplation and sharing all things FFXV, including the games, anime, movie and fanworks.

Everyone is welcome to join, and all members are encouraged to share art, fiction, screencaps, icons, recs, opinions or general squee about FFXV. All pairings and kindly expressed views are welcome.

Your moderators are [personal profile] scribblemoose and [personal profile] fragilespark, and we're happy to answer any questions, comments or complaints by PM.


1. Be kind to each other.
2. Please label spoilers carefully and put them under a cut. At the moment that includes any major plot points for the game, anime or movie, including the DLCs.
3. Please put large images or long posts under a cut.
4. When posting material that's not safe for work, label it clearly and put it under a cut.
5. Please include ratings and warnings in the header for fic and art posts.
6. No bashing of any characters, ships or pairings.
7. Plagiarism or posting others' works without attribution will not be tolerated.

If the rules change, we'll post to let you know.


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